Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling good in the eliminating foods neighborhood.

Last night I made beef stew and yes I did eat some of the chunks of potatoes...and what did I thicken the broth with? tapioca flour. It was delicious.

Today I made some buckwheat pancakes that I can eat as pancakes or use as flat bread. I made them with coconut products this time since I no longer am using nuts or nutmilk...scroll down through my blog for the buckwheat pancake recipe and this time I used 1 TB coconut sugar instead of 2 TB of another sweetener...and I used unsweetened coconut milk for the liquid and coconut oil for the might say lately I have gone coocoo for coconut! LOL

I had a tube of Jimmy Dean's sausage and missed having sausage gravy so I fried the package up, chopping it down as it cooked on medium and thickened it with a little tapioca flour and of course.....UNSWEETENED COCONUT MILK...coocoo!

I put some of the sausage gravy over a pancake and was in hog heaven...yummy!

So grain free; gluten free; dairy and casein free;egg free; soy free; except for apples, fruit free; refined sugar free, caffeine and alcohol free;except for herbal, tea free; nut free; tomato free; very limited potatoes; occasionally some rice; raw cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower free... me is happy to be...Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism will not keep me from feeling the best I can feel.

So many debilitating symptoms are gone from my life now. I can not remember when I had a cold, or flu, or fever, or stomach upset... got the big diseases,I do, but the common ones...bye bye. I know these eliminations work for me.



Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and your positive attitude, thanks!!

Lynn Barry said...

Thank you, Kelleen. You made my day! HUGS