Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back on track...

My youngest celebrated his 17th birthday on Tuesday and I baked him a cake. I have not had cake with wheat flour in forever...I just go without and it doesn't bother me...BUT since I had the mindset that this is the last birthday he will celebrate living at home I said what the heck I am going to have some...well, you can have your cake and eat it too but when you don't tolerate wheat well and dairy...yes, I had icecream too...kaboom! I had to get to the bathroom and I had some eruptions on my face and haven't had that happen in a long time...SO...I'm always shows me I am doing the right things for my body by steering clear of certain foods...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!!! and Sayonara to cake and icecream unless they are gluten and casein free...cha cha cha!


Karen said...

My oldest grandson's birthday was on Monday--he was 12. Last year on his birthday, it was the first one ever that I got to spend with him, so I ate cake AND pizza. I was sick for days.

Li loves David said...

Well, at least you had confirmation that you're doing the right thing... :) Next time there's a birthday, just make yourself a gluten free, casein free version and celebrate away! Nobody cares if you eat something else, they just want your smiling face to be there, right?

caitlin said...

Hi Lynne,

I just recently began a gluten- free/numerous other foods-free lifestyle, and am enjoying reading your blog. You crack me up with your big smiles!
Isn't it good to know when we double check our diets, as you did with the cake and ice cream, that we weren't just imagining the bad reactions we have? Not that a bad reaction is 'good', but it reinforces that our bodies know what's bad for them.

Lynn said...

I never eat gluten intentionally myself but I am guilty of drinking and eating too much at times so I can totally relate. I can't over eat that much because my acid reflux just does not let me. I do find that butter is a problem and now I seem to have lost my taste for coffee as well. Age and hormone depletion do a number on us!

Lynn Barry said... you know exactly what I mean...HUGS
Li...I usually just don't have any or anything else and am fine with it...well I learned....thanks HUGS
Caitlin...I am obsessed with taking my own cell phone pics...I am goonie that way, thanks for the kind words...I will go check out your blog, and good luck! HUGS
Lynn...I skip anything with acid because I don't want to take pills for reflux so I know what you mean...thanks for stopping...HUGS

caitlin said...

See? I know how to spell your name...I think I was having a gluten moment when I added the'e'. Lol. Now I'M back on track and off to read about your newest capers.