Thursday, October 23, 2008

I feel better but can't remember stuff...

Hubby made me laugh yesterday when he told me to "eat some wheat"...At age 55 I seem to have poor short term memory and say some real dumb things ... I am getting used to it, but it can be when I said something wacky (I can't remember what it was because like I said my short term memory is not working at times) hubby laughed and told me to "eat some wheat"...we laughed because he was joking about the reality that although I feel better without gluten, maybe it helped my memory when I did eat it. He followed with something like you "were smarter when you were eating wheat"...well, we know there is no correlation, but it made me laugh like when I tell him, a type II diabetic, to "eat a donut"...we have a weird sense of humor as a couple. but it lightens our load and we can never have too much of that...don't be uptight, keep it light!

I made more gf cf ef pancakes but this time I dropped in some chopped walnuts...ooh so good! Yes, it says to add an egg but I didn't and they were fine.

I jumped on my mini exercising trampoline yesterday since the weather is not cooperating for bike riding and hubby breezed in while I was jumping...oh what a fun time we have as a couple...36 years and it gets better all the time...glad we hung in there when it wasn't as light and fun...some things are worth the wait! HUGS


Mike Eberhart said...

I suggest (if you do not already do so) taking a daily high-dose B-Vitamin complex. It may help with things. Can not hurt for the most part... there are only a couple you have to worry about over-doing. But, things like B12 may really sharpen up the brain, and it is safe to huge doses.

The exercise is good too... that helps a LOT, and is scientifically proven to help (everyone). If you can stand fish (or fish oil) try some -- supposed to help.

Just tossing out suggestions. Brain-fog is terrible, so finding anything to help is a pluse :)

Karen said...

Mike suggested the very thing I was going to say, the only thing I can add is to get some Gotu Kola herb. One other thing, are you taking any beta blocker type medicines? I had to take one of those for a couple of years and it really did a number on my short term memory--it was making me crazy too.

Naomi Devlin said...

Just a couple more to add....

Rosemary essential oil is great for memory, either just sniff the bottle if you're feeling vague or burn it in the room you are working in.

Also Ginko Biloba is great for getting the blood to the brain, it increases circulation and is reputed to have a beneficial effect on memory and mental acuity.

Finally, candida can also cause fogginess. The symptoms are so wide ranging that the best thing to do is completely eliminate all sugar, fruit, mushrooms and refined carbs for a couple of weeks and see if you feel better. It worked for me.

x x x

caitlin said...

I can just picture you and hubby jumping on the mini trampoline Just kidding,I think? Actually, I have a mini trampoline some place out in the garage. Our weather here in Mass. has really turned cold(er),so it may be just the thing to get me 'hopping'.
Don't worry about the memory issues. Yes you can take supplements, but it is a natural part of the 'aging' process, wheat or no wheat.

Lynn Barry said...

GOD BLESS YOU ALL...I appreciate the suggestions...and will heed your advice...I thought since I am at that phase in my life it was as caitlin mentioned...part of getting older but I certainly will try the things you all so lovingly offered...THANKS SO MUCH! HUGS