Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More calcium and great taste in a soup...not good taste in new RICE DREAM

I do worry about calcium since I don't eat dairy and since I had a kidney stone lithotripsied I don't like to take calcium pills. I really try to get my calcium naturally.
So, I do eat white beans a lot since I learned they are high in calcium. I love any kind of beans so it is not a problem for me.
Today I dumped a can of Great Northern beans into a pot, added a can of water, a ham slice cut up, one cut up carrot, one cut up stalk of celery, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder and let it simmer for about a half hour. That was all I did and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of soup. So easy...yum!

On another note, I don't like the new ORGANIC Rice Dream. I noticed they added agave syrup and don't boast of no added sweeteners on the label anymore. I don't like the taste and complained to them on their website contact section. I am disappointed because I loved the original vanilla Rice Dream and it seems I can't find that anymore, only the ORGANIC version. Oh well...anyone else notice a difference?

A little snow on the ground and a lot of fallish/wintry views from my window...'tis the season.

Since bike riding is not happening with the weather not cooperating, I am jumping, jogging, bouncing on my mini exercising trampoline while I watch is fun and it keeps me more active. But I DO miss the side of the road and my bike beneath my big old butt...

Have a nice day!


Karen said...

I am hankering for a pot of bean soup right now, but we are in Phoenix where it is going to be 94 degrees today, so don't think it is going to happen. Next week promises to be cooler, though.

Lynn Barry said...

It will something to look forward to for ya...what is it about bean soup? COMFORTING, I guess. Hubby made some at the diner and he put a bay leaf in it, of course he started with the dry beans and I must say his soup is out of this world. SO I have had lots of bean soup this week...toot toot! LOL