Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dr seems surprised with food intolerance feeling good connection

The Dr we were going to left the area so we went to a new doctor yesterday to get established as new patients...it was fascinating to me to listen to the problems I had just a few years back...she asked me about migraines, depression, and gastro type issues and I was able to say that those conditions for me are a thing of the past due to eliminating the foods that don't make me feel good...she also noted how healthy I have been because I have not been to see a Dr much lately.

This smacked me in the head like the "could have had a V-8" ads...the doctor seemed surprised when I told her I think it has to do with my food eliminations...she wrote it all down and smiled and seemed pleased but it had me wondering if more people fiddled with this kind of thing they might enjoy a better quality of life like I do now too.

The Dr is going to examine blood tests though for thyroid function and hormone levels and cholesterol and that's okay, but I do believe that those who suffer with respiratory ailments often and stomach issues should wonder if what they are eating is causing these problems...I am not suggesting that all people have food intolerances but I do think that all people can't and shouldn't eat all things and they will do their bodies a service by taking time to experiment with what might be really making them sick.

Speaking of that mindset, I am back to avoiding sugars...I had a week of snack cake and pancakes and cappacinos from machines and I was starting to not feel that great again SO I am off to a great start this morning with my grits and tea and I FEEL GOOD........hope you do too!


Karen said...

I think the reason lots of doctors don't recognize that our health (or lack of it) can be tied to what we eat because they are trained to treat health problems with drugs. That is what medicine is about these days. But those of us who have made the discovery know that we truly are what we eat.

Li loves David said...

Good for you for listening to your body and doing what it tells you! Isn't it great to feel good? HUGS!

caitlin said...

Since January of this year I had become convinced that something I was eating/drinking was causing my symptoms. I tried eating vegan, & that helped for a while. Then I began drinking more water. Still the gastro, depression and other symptoms continued. I'd go to the Dr.s...internist & gastro, and tell them I was convinced certain foods were causing my problems. They didn't get it, prescribed meds, and thought I was a kook. Don't most of them think that when we find the solutions to our health issues w/out their drugs?
You know how this story is turning out...GF & some tweaking of food intolerances = the symptoms are almost gone. I have appointments with both of them in about a month. I can see their faces when I tell them about the GF diet and the going-away symptoms. I have a big smile on my face just thinking about it.

Lynn Barry said...

You are RIGHT ON! It isn't that I don't believe in pills I just think that for many ailments we can link them to what we are putting into our bodies and make that change without extra pills. HUGS
It sure is GREAT to feel good after living over 50 years feeling yucky...HUGS
I have a big smile on my face reading your comment...you go CAIT! I hear ya, I know exactly what you are talking about. HUGS