Thursday, October 2, 2008

My son Patrick in a Gavin DeGraw video

Some of you know that my sons are musicians and recently Patrick (one singing in the pic) had the oportunity to be seen in a Gavin DeGraw music video. If you check it out he is the long haired, bearded, very tall plaid shirted guy about 1:31 into the video...yeah, that's my Patrick!

On another note...I had a rough day yesterday and proved once again, painfully, that some foods are not my friends. My hubby, bless his heart, had a craving for New England clam chowder and made some. I ate two bowls of it even though I knew the can of clams had sulfites and the soup base is milk and butter. On top of that I melted some ENJOY LIFE chocolate chips and poured them over popcorn...well the combo of all those nonos woke me up yesterday morning with a massive migraine and I was nauseos and in pain all day...I learned...I did...lost a day, but that's over with.

Enjoy the video!


Li loves David said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I totally understand - every so often I just have to have salsa... and I pay for it... yet it still calls my name. Darn nightshades!

Lynn said...

At least you know what your triggers are. Aside from gluten, I am still clueless. I have eliminated caffeine,alcohol and chocolate but I am still struggling with the rest. Feel better.