Friday, October 10, 2008

Cleavage crawler

Back on the bike finally but had an interesting time...something really bugged me...a bug dropped into my shirt and was crawling in my cleavage...hehe. I stopped after five miles and had an iced tea and attempted to get the bugger out...hazards of biking...I was successful. It brought a smile to my lips and I hope yours too.

Life sure is getting serious, with the economy the way it is...our family got a diner operations dumped into our laps again. We own a diner and it has been rented out for the past two years and it is back to us again. Nice time to be running a small business...NOT! SO the little buggie down my shirt gave me some comedy relief from the daily stresses.

My eating has been disciplined...I am proud of myself. I have been having grits and green tea for breakfast, some kind of meat or poulty or fish and veggies and a tortilla like wrapping for lunch, potatoes mashed with salt and pepper and a little olive oil and some kind of protein and veggies for dinner and my every day treat...ORVILLE REDENBACKER'S SIMPLY SALTED it!

I gave up gum became as obsessive as my old candy and crap eating bye bye gum.

oh happy day...HUGS

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