Monday, October 19, 2009

CF creamed something over GF toast

Another craving had me making the white sauce I made in the last blog entry and pouring it over Corn Harvest GF bread toasted with a side of brown rice and pinto beans. I poured the gravy over the beans and rice too. Mornings have been pretty darn yummy lately.

My version of creamed chip beef over toast...sort of kind of...well, I love it, maybe you will too. HUGS


Lynn said...

My only comment is that I don't like to eat too much starch at one meal. Of course the rice and beans do make for a complete protein. I really want to make a soup soon with veggies and beans and maybe a little bit of rice noodles in it.

Lynn Barry said...

You are right on...I did think of that after I ate...but it all went down so yummy good I didn't care...good point though.