Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cinnamon roll using a gluten free pancake

Another craving...so I made a thin gluten free pancake, dropped some chopped walnuts into the batter, and then after flipping it and then flopping it on a plate I spread Spectrum shortening on it and sprinkled cinnamon sugar before rolling it up...I took a sharp knife and made some slices and voila...cinammon rolls...adapted and oh so satisfying!

Took a ten mile bike ride and worked on my current novel...made for a nice day. hey hey!


jacobithegreat said...

HA! What a great idea!

Lynn said...

"They" say that cinnamon is very good for you, so maybe you should eat two (ha-ha). I had an urge for hot chocolate today, so I ordered one at Starbucks but I only drank a little 'cause I was afraid it would bother my stomach and actually it was more than enough. And my oatmeal-walnut-raisin cookies were so good, I'm going to be making them again.

mare said...

I'm always impressed with how inventive and simple your solutions to cravings are.

You are amazing!

Lynn Barry said...


Thanks so much...I have fun with my kitchen adaptation adventures...HUGS