Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday nite date...

I wanted to ride...that bike has become my obsession. It used to be chocolate or candy or junk food but now I can't get enough of my bike...hehe...any ways...I rode five miles to the Chinese restaurant and hubby drove and met me. We dined on shrimp with hot pepper sauce and veggies and rice and then he drove back and I rode my bike back. He offered to stick the bike in the trunk so I could ride in the car home but NO WAY...I am a rider...I got on the bike and pedaled back...I am not losing weight but I sure am destressed after riding the bike. I kind of hum along when I ride and can't ever remember what I thought about, probably concentrating on not getting flattened by a fast moving vehicle, but it is the greatest passtime for me next to writing...riding and writing...writing and I eleven years old? LOL


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