Saturday, June 28, 2008

Black bean tortilla

Today I felt like having tortillas so I opened a can of black beans, drained them, rinsed them in purified water, smashed them with a fork, added ground cumin and powdered garlic and hot sauce...and then spread them out on a soft corn tortilla, topped it with a little leftover jasmine rice...zapped it in the micro. for a minute and then added olives and lettuce and a few crunchy organic corn chips on the side to make for a tasty lunch.

I am doing very well avoiding sugar these days after my candy confession and I am back to not thinking about it or craving!

My granddaughter is a wonderful pal...she helped me send out query letters to agents today so I guess it's official...I have an assistant! She's a sweetheart and a great writer. Check out her blog at my fave links..."Casey's blog."


cateepoo said...

Congratulations on making it through the sugar craze. I am working on the same issue. Once I let it into my system, it thinks it is in control again. Stinkin' sugar!
How lucky to have your own assistant. She sounds wonderful!

Lynn Barry said...

Thank you Cateepoo...and thanks for commenting on her thoughtful of you. HUGS

cateepoo said...

No problem Lynn. My nine year old daughter lives for comments.

Karen said...

I make black bean nachos too. I put some black olives and some steamed shrimp on mine, and yum! Yours look good, too.

Shannon said...

Mmmm... yummy beans and tortillas. Tasty goodness.

Good luck with the queries. I know that can be stressful. What a sweet girl your Casey is to help out like that!