Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last night I was treated to a DESSERT THEATER at the high school and the last of the last of my kids performing in it. While I have seen Brad in plays and choral concerts, I still thought my son Brad was more like me, content to be on the sidelines or even better in the audience, but I saw a different side of him and he is as comfortable on stage singing a solo as the rest of the Barry men...he was awesome and I can't wait to go again tonight. Isn't life amazing? "Take a sad song and make it be-e-e-ter." Proud Mama...tears of joy.


Flamenco Mom said...

You must be so proud! And I've gotta say, your son's got some fabulous hair!

Lynn Barry said...

Thanks so much...yeah, he sure does have fabulous hair...HUGS

Karen said...

Lynn, when you wrote about this on your MySpace page, I thought you were talking about your other son. Well, Double congratulations on such a fabulous young son! No wonder you are so proud!