Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baggies of GF CF food...

My dad was having a rough time of it, stuck in rehab for two months after having a bypass on his leg and I decided to make another visit to see how he's doing, so I packed a baggie of Rice Chex, and two slices of Ener-G brown rice yeast free bread, and some Corn Thins and off I went. I am trying to think ahead when I travel and not rely on wondering if there are things I can eat, always adapting it was nice to be prepared.

Well, dad got released and I helped mom get him home. He kept saying, "Free at last" and I wondered if he felt like some prisoners feel after getting out of prison. The bells going off constantly and the bright lights and the nurses checking and rechecking all the time seemed like a variation of a prison sentence to me. I am glad he is finally home.

I ate my Rice Chex for breakfast and put peanut butter on the slices of bread for lunch but we ordered Chinese take out for dinner and I am delighted that you can order steamed chicken and vegetables with rice and put your own sauce on it if you want to at the place we went to...welcome home dad...good luck nurse nanny...and PS My sister beat me in Rummy in a two hour game that I thought for sure I was going to

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