Thursday, June 12, 2008

Korean food

After shopping for groceries, hubby and I decided to dine at a Mexican restaurant we like but hadn't been to for a while. It was no longer there, another operation was in its place and we weren't sure what it was now, so we drove around and got turned around due to new construction and then I noticed a Korean shop that said "Eat in or take out," so I said, "Let's try it."

The place was sparse, clean, and I was excited with anticipation about the experience.I had dined on Chinese and Japanese and Thai cuisine but never Korean. I was in for a treat; all you can drink tea in handle-less cups that tasted amazing, and little appetizer dishes of this and that were enjoyed by both of us with chop sticks in hand, and then our dishes were delish. I had chicken fried rice and I can't remember what hubby had but it was spicy the way he likes it, and everything tasted so fresh.

I am glad the place we had in mind to dine in was not there anymore...because we found a new place...eating this way (rice and veggies and some meat or fish or poultry) always makes my insides smile.


Flamenco Mom said...

Ooh, yummy! I love Korean food--sadly there are no Korean restaurants in my area; I've got to travel quite a ways for it now. HUGS

Lynn Barry said...

I have to travel an hour to get anything decent but I love my rural life...any ways...HUGS

Lynn said...

How did you know that the chicken fried rice was gluten free? Don't they use soy sauce in fried rice?