Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I keep finding out that when I am not strict about my intake I GET BLOATED...I would be happy if I were a balloon but I am not a balloon and don't want to look like one...SO...Yesterday I stayed away from all fruit and any form of sugar and ate rice products and corn tortillas and lots of veggies and water and decaf tea...it works...it works...it works...reading up on leaky gut I realized that certain substances are not good for my gut and each time I think I have all the answers I get fooled, but perhaps this time I DO have ALL the answers ... a gal can dream...no more bloating!!!!!!! I can do it!!!!!!

So far today I have had grits and decaf white tea...no bloating...yeha! For lunch I will make a veggie wrap with a corn tortilla ... I am psyched! No more sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses, fruits...sad but true...but the bloating will be out of the picture too and it is WORTH IT...seems gluten, dairy, sugar, and yeast are no nos with this bloating for many of us...I can't do soy or anything acidy either, but instead of lamenting about it I once again am thrilled that I DO know what does not work...cha cha cha cha cha cha!

And the biking is going great...I am out about an hour each time and other than falling over one time and feeling embarrassed, it's something I am looking forward to doing each day. HOORAY!


Naomi Devlin said...

You may find that you start to get bloated on the corn after a while - I wouldn't eat it more than once a day, if that often. What is probably causing the bloating is undigested carbohydrates in your gut. The yeasts and non-beneficial bacteria feed on these and produce gas as a by product, along with lots of other toxins that make you feel horrible. At the same time, your gut wall becomes inflamed and tender.

Well done for cutting out the sugars. You might find that you want to take it easy on the grains too though, so as not to create another problem for yourself.

x x x

Lynn Barry said...

Thank you so much for this information. I really appreciate it and it makes sense. HUGS