Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cashew cheese mistake

I bought raw cashews to make cashew cheese and when I went to make it I wasn't paying attention and did a little fiddling too, but it came out okay...sometimes mistakes end up being discoveries.

I rinsed the cashews in purified water. I soaked them in purified water and then put them in the food processor with the water and a cup of boiling water with a dissolved packet of plain gelatin. After processing I poured the mixture into a loaf pan. It set up into a creamy pureed ricotta-like consistency. I am pleased. I can use it to spread on crackers or rice cakes or corn thins. I can use it to make GF CF mac and cheese. I can use it in GF CF lasagna. Mistake? No way...usable product.

I am at 53,000 words in the novel I am writing...It is going very well. I have to get back to it...I hope your day is going well too. HUGS


Dianne said...

Oh WoW! I am a cashew nut addict. I love the idea of this! I have to try it!

Good luck with the book!


Lynn Barry said...

Google Cashew cheese and find a variety of ways to make this dairy and soy cheese alternative...I love it! HUGS

Cheryl Harris said...

that's interesting, I may give it a go. I find gelatin to be a bit gross, but wonder if agar would give the same result. thanks so much for the thought!