Friday, June 27, 2008

I proved it once again...I can't do sugar

True confessions...I was getting back into candy a little bit and looking every day to when I could get to the Dollar Store to buy me some...I know it seems so silly. Why can't I have some candy every day? Other people have their candy dishes all around the house and it is no big deal but I am the type who clears out all the candy in the dishes (into my mouth) just because they are's called "addiction" and I definitely have a sugar or fructose or sweetener addiction problem that makes me want more more the last couple days I resisted temptation and I am back on gum no candy and nothing with any kind of natural or artificial sweetener in it...It is freeing...To think I can cheat once in a while is just not going to happen...I will miss my Swedish Fish and marshmallow peanuts and gum drops...but I hate what they do to me inside and outside...the control those suckers (and I do mean suckers AKA lollipops) have over me is dangerous...and yeah and bye bye American Pie, even gluten free. Fructose is definitely not my friend. A better life for me...with many things free.


Selena said...

I too am addicted to sugar. Once I started eating it I could not stop. I would eat all day long. But i found a way out.

I discovered a book by Dr Kathleen DesMaisons which resonated with me very deeply. I thought it might be fun for you to have a look at too (Potatoes not Prozac).

She realised that what we eat and when we eat it can have a profound effect on our wellbeing. The very food I was drawn to were the ones that were skewing my body's biochemistry and setting me up to crave sugar and white bread.

It is possible to heal this by changing what and when we eat.

Eighteen months ago I would binge all day long, have depression, no energy, no enthusiasm, just felt blugh. Today I am confident, have bags of energy and I eat just three meals a day. It has totally transformed my life.

Anyhoo, thought you might be interested!

Karen said...

Some days I would give anything to be able to eat some sugar wafers, you know, the kind that come in the foil wrapped box, looking all like a gift? I used to eat the whole box of them just to feel the buzz from the sugar.

What an awful thing to do to my body!

yesac29 said...
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Lynn Barry said...

Thank you Selena...I will check out the book. I am glad to read you feel so much better these days. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs

Karen...I hear ya...I really do. I could pound sweets like it was my job! HUGS

Jacqueline said...

How interesting I was given the same book as Selena two years ago by a friend. She was probably at the end of her tether with my obsessive fad dieting and mood swings!

I found the steps quite easy to master and the help I got on the books website was amazing. Two years down the line I am serene, happy and confident. I sleep through the night, no longer need to diet or worry about weight and have come through menopause with a brain even sharper than it was before.

I would have laughed if you had told me this was possible two years ago.


Lynn Barry said...

Thanks for the recommend. I am delighted to read how lifechanging avoiding sugar had been for you...thanks for sharing. I am off to visit your blog. HUGS

Lynn said...

I also read the book Potatoes not Prozac and thought it was excellent. I believe she also had a follow up book. I do like sugar but can't eat alot of anything at one time so I don't do too badly with it. However, I don't get the initial rush, just the letdown right away. In my blog at I have a nice balance of foods that I enjoy.