Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Corn thins and Ener-G bread

I have had to resort to buying products. I have enjoyed trying to make tasty baked goods that I can tolerate, but you know what...I am quite happy with the products I recently purchased.

Corn Thins are a nice treat. They are multigrain. I spread peanut butter on a couple of them and had them for breakfast. I highly recommend this product.

I tried Energy yeast free brown rice bread again and this time I toasted it twice so it was a nice brown shade and made a sandwich with it and am quite pleased.

I am still completely infatuated with my bowl of Rice Dream icecream...I never want to run out of that goodie in my freezer section.

I had a wonderful weekend with family and friends camped out all over the place...the band played and the grandkids played games with grandma...it was wonderful.


Flamenco Mom said...

I haven't tried those Corn Thins yet...I'll have to find them on my next shopping trip!

Energy Bread is my go-to bread of choice when I just don't feel like making my own. And since Zoe's lunch of choice is a sandwich I find myself using it a lot.

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. HUGS

Catherine said...

I love corn chips, I will have to give these a try.


Karen said...

What do those corn thins look like? taste like? Where did you find them? I have not seen them at any of the places I have been.

Lynn Barry said...

The Corn Thins look like very thin rice cakes and taste like rice cakes with more flavor. And they are crunchier, perhaps because they are thin. I usually spread them with peanut butter, but eat them plain too. HUGS