Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Day

I had a wonderful Mom's Day with my Mom and my youngest. Brad and I went to see my mom and dad. Dad is still in the rehab facility for his leg bypass recovery and I just wanted to be with my Mom. It struck me that she is going to be 80 this year and while she is healthy and active it was super important to me to spend time with her. My 16 year old was wonderful...we went to church with Mom and I realized I missed my Episcopalian worshipping it was good. The Holy Spirit came into me appropriately. Zap! And my son got a taste of my Sunday mornings growing up. He has not been churched much, since we had the diner and were at the diner Sundays and I have just not been pushing myself to attend any church for quite some time and ironically, my son whispered to me, "Now this is a real church" never know about I thought he would squirm and complain.
There was a breakfast afterwards and most were concerned because I sat there with my plate with three sausage links on it and a cup of applejuice. I passed on the eggs and toast and pancakes. It didn't bother me one bit. I seldom feel sorry for myself anymore...a week ago I tore off a chunk of a Tim Horton's donut, since I hadn't had one in years, and soon afterwards I had a headache...this only reaffirms my eliminations are going back...Zap!

My mom and me


Karen said...

Lynn, I feel the same way about food--I don't miss the wheat, not the donuts, not the cookies, not the pancakes, because I sure don't miss the symptoms they produce in me.

Lynn Barry said...