Friday, May 9, 2008

We had tacos...

Hubby wanted tacos and since I have been doing okay with pop corn, we bought some soft corn taco shells. It might very well be that it is corn syrup and kernel corn that bother me and perhaps not the popped variety and the corn meal recipes. Any was fun making the tacos and I simply passed on the tomatoes and salsa and cheese and sour this time I ate a taco and didn't get any kind stomach gumbling like I used to before I saw the food intolerant light...YIPPEE!

Warm the taco shells in a pan and then layer them with cooked ground beef and then whatever you want to after that. I had chopped onion, gr. pepper, lettuce, and bl. olives. I think next time I will spread refried beans on the shell and that will stick everything together like good tasting glue.

I have heard of fish tacos and may attempt that next. Fish and coleslaw in a taco shell...yes, I will definitely try that next time.

Sweet sixteen boy is off to the prom tonight...ah...then he plays in a sectional tournament for tennis tomorrow. Fun times.

Going to visit my mom Sunday...Happy Mom's Day to you blogger mamas. You can see in the pic that I am happy in May.


Carrie said...

tacos must be on the brain!! We had some this week too that i just posted about! yummy!!

Lynn Barry said...

Methinks it was the cinco d mayo...5-5 beginning to the week that might have inspired ZE TACO!!!!! HUGS

Flamenco Mom said...

I agree with Carrie...tacos must be on the brain: we also had some this week! We wanted to go out for Cinco de Mayo, but decided against it. So we just made a Mexican feast ourselves.

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have a wonderful visit with you mom. It's great to see you so happy! HUGS

the veggie paparazzo said...

Fish tacos are one of my favorite foods.