Friday, May 2, 2008

GF CF Mac N Cheese

Inspired after going to I set out to make some kind of mac n cheese I could tolerate. I have tried in the past, couldn't remember what I did so I started fresh...I first made a batch of cashew cheese (see blog entry below), and then boiled up some Tinkayada elbow noodles. I cooked up a cup of rice milk with 2 tsp. of rice flour, whisking away, and added that to the cashew cheese, as well as 1 tsp. of dry mustard and some pepper. I coated the noodles, mixing well, with the cashew cheese mix, in a 13 X9 pan and topped it off with crunched up Lay's potato chips. I baked it uncovered for 30 min. It is good. If you want to adapt this, you can add other spices, tunafish, more milk and rice is fun to fiddle and make it your own. I bagged up portions and froze them so I can pull them out and warm when I am in the mood for mac n cheese my way. I used to love mac n cheese but always felt like crap after eating it due to the gluten and casein...after adapting this comfort food recipe to suit my I don't.

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