Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Buckwheat can't be beat

I was reading somewhere about a place where they eat fish and vegetables and buckwheat and they live long healthier lives...but I forget about buckwheat much of the time and then when I use it again I get back into it.
So this morning I took a bowl and dumped some buckwheat flour in it and some rice flour and some sorghum flour, a little salt, some baking powder, some oil, some blackstrap molasses, and as much rice milk as it took to get the batter the consistency I like for pancakes...I sprayed the pan with PAM and had me some pancakes with real maple syrup. There were yummy. Then I put wax paper between the remaining pancakes and put them in the fridge for another morning. Ah...buckwheat. Breakfast of long livers...gee that is funny...long livers...and short kidneys?...ok...I know ... ENOUGH! LOL Have a good one.


Meesh said...

I like buckwheat as well. I have a great pancake recipe on my glutenfreeladybug blog.

Thank you for your HUGS.

Anonymous said...

Buckwheat is good for livers? I really need to know since I'm workin' on cleansing my "fatty" liver???
Love the new blog?

Lynn Barry said...

Living longer is what I should have written but when it came out the way it did it made me laugh...hey FAYE!!!! HUGS

I already commented your recipe Meesh...you THE WOMAN! HUGS