Tuesday, April 29, 2008


While I constantly work at eating the things that make my insides happy, I knew I needed to step it up physically to keep the whole body happy. So, I got out my mountain bike, dusted it off, had the tires pumped up and set out to get back in the saddle again. When I was in my teens I rode my bike a lot. It helped that I could not pass a road test to save my soul, but perhaps it did save my body, because I rode my bike instead. I would ride nine miles to get to the nearest beach, and six miles to see my bf who was a life guard at a pool and on and on I rode. Something magical happened to me when I was on the bike, I felt carefree. Yes, the wind blows in ones face while riding and one can see things one can't while riding in a car, but it was more than that...and I experienced it again when I rode my bike last weekend.
For three years I have wanted to ride my bike the four miles from one small town in my area to another down the road. The shoulders on the sides of the road are wide and the road is flat, so it is a great place to ride. I am not out to travel up hills and over rocky terrain, I just want to ride my bike and be safe while riding.
My son hoisted my bike into the back of our truck and he dropped me off at a convenience store parking lot where I would start my ride. The minute I sat on the bike seat I felt like I was fifteen again. Pedaling and observing the world around me transformed as well as refreshed me. In a half hour my four miles were ridden and my son picked me up again.
The next day I took off on my own from my driveway and added a couple miles to the trip, having to walk a portion of it due to the incline and my inability to ride comfortably as well as it being on a curvy section and I wanted to feel safer, so I walked it. It took 55 min. and I was elated once again. A chocolate lab ran up to me and licked my leg and when I got off the bike my legs felt wobbly, but those were the only happenings that stood out in my mind...otherwise I was fifteen again and carefree and alive with joy.


the veggie paparazzo said...

That's so lovely to read. I was absolutely passionate about my bike when I was a kid, and I rode it everywhere. Now, I have lost my confidence for riding, and I haven't ridden in years. Your post gives me a nudge in that direction.

Lynn Barry said...

I see that we have a lot of the same food intolerances...YEAH for us...at least we know it...it took we over 50 years of life to discover this, glad you ae finding out sooner than I did.
Good luck with the biking, wear a helmet, and take water with ya...ENJOY! HUGS

Karen said...

Lynn, Baby, you go!I have been walking the 9/10ths of a mile to and from my job here at the Grand Canyon for the last week--I am already feeling better. I have two goals for this year--1. to have to buy new uniform pants before the season is over, and 2. to hike down into the canyon. Not so easy now but I am one determined Grandma!

Lynn Barry said...

YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!YOU CAN DO IT! I believe you can. I am very happy for you. GO FAB GRANNIE GO FAB GRANNIE!!!! HUGS

Meesh said...

Yahoo with the bike! I bought myself one, and tow Quinners in the chariot - encouraging my oldest daughter in the process.

It does both my body and my heart good.

Lynn Barry said...

I know what you mean. It amazes me that a seat attached to wheels and pedals can bring such excitement to my life, maybe it is the fact that the blood is flowing through my body more now...LOL HUGS

Flamenco Mom said...

Hooray for you! You're doing a great job. It always amazes me how much better some physical activity added to our daily routines can help us feel. Good for you, girlfriend! HUGS

Lynn Barry said...

HUGS! Thanks!