Sunday, April 20, 2008

GF CF Mushroom soup

It was one of those days that my mind wandered to something I loved but can't have now...mushroom soup. Then again, I challenged myself to try to make my own. I googled and adapted a recipe I found at
It only made a cupful but it was enough and I can double it the next time if I want to.

Lightly saute 1/4 cup chopped mushrooms and 1 TB minced onion in 1 TB melted shortening. Set these aside after done. Melt 3 TBs shortening and add 3 TBs white rice flour, salt and pepper to taste and whisk until smooth...add the vegetables and continue stirring until thick. Enjoy. I did. I look forward to making this to use in a casserole recipe some time. It really hit my need-comforting spot today.


Karen said...

This looks really good. I am going to make some tomorrow.

Lynn Barry said...

It is good...and you girlfriend must be flying high with your new assignment. I will get busy at the turtle but I admit I am not exactly sure what you want me to do there...I will e-mail you. HUGS